ShopperDeals Best Online Shop in India

posted on 26 Feb 2018

Finally the polls are out!! With the collection of offers and coupons from 100+ Websites, ShopperDeals is set to hit the favourite list of 2017-18. This was put forth in User Choice poll conducted by one by the leading Survey Site. Following are few questions and answers collected in Survey.


Questions: What Makes ShopperDeals a Favourite Shopping Destination?

Ans: The ShopperDeals App helps us the find any of the offer very easily. Its interface is so friendly that everything comes in front of you in few clicks. The icing on cake is the discounts and reward program offered by ShopperDeals. It is just awsome!!


Questions: Which products can be bought through ShopperDeals?

Ans: From Phones to Grocery and from Flight Tickets to Cusrtains, everything is under same roof. There are more than 100 websites in India which sell / offer different products and services to cater varying need of people. ShopperDeals has seggregated them in same roof. You just have to scroll and find best deals for you. 


Questions: There are other Apps / Websites in market, then why ShopperDeals?

Ans: It is quite natural. When you use your smartphone, it cannot have 100 shopping apps in one phone. It will just die! And we cannot keep reminding all websites so that whenever you need, just type and get the product. So goto a single app which has everything properly organised. That is ShopperDeals !! It is just a 5 MB app which will never consume your RAM or Speed of Phone. Hence it becomes a must have App for every phone.


Questions: What else you expect in ShopperDeals?

Ans: We want ShopperDeals to launch its product range which they have annoucned in Dec'17. The Live market products along with offers from all leading store will be a superb combination of online Shopping.


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